What We do

Coperson is a renewable energy specialist, offering feasibility, design, consenting and installation expertise for mini hydropower, solar and wind power projects throughout the world.

Who We Are

Coperson-Hill Ltd is an innovative renewable energy company that deals in innovative solutions such as Hydro, Solar, Wind and Bio-Mass. We also provide consultancy service to our local and international clients.
Our principle
Our values are wrapped around the belief that “all wheels can be modified” for more efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore to attain great heights and continuously improve on values, we always seek to harness individual skill and experience into a focus vision that will allow for the maximum use of all the skill present in our team
Our approach
Our approach to issues will always be base on dynamic approach without compromising on quality, consultation without relinquishing independency and we will persistently pursue innovativeness in all our approaches.
Our delivery
We intend to use all skills, diverse experiences and resources at our disposals to deliver on all the promises we entered into. In disposing of our promises, we will go above and beyond the call of duty in other to deliver an excellent result that will add value to all stakeholders. Our competence is wrapped around being able to deliver quality projects to our customers in a timely fashion. We help our clients to unearth opportunities, discover  new potential of new products and maximise opportunities
Field Force
In our entire area of operation, we do possess a critical mass of field officer that makes the delivery of our promise easy, the depth of our experience in different cultures give us the latitude to cover a wide range of areas within the shortest possible time agreed with our client.
Our creed
Our objective is to provoke and promote innovativeness in all, to the extent that it will propel exponential improvement in the society and increase the value that will accrue to our clients and other stakeholders

What Clients Say

“Coperson Energy possess a young and entreprenueral team who are dedicated to meeting all our energy needs at a much lower cost than their closest competitor.”
Wole Ogunlade, WebMarketing Co
“We contacted Coperson and saw their capacity to deliver faster and superior energy solutions. I am impressed.”
Joan D, First Advantage Gropu